Saturday, June 6, 2009


In my initial research about studying for the Social Work Masters Licensure exam, I've found few free resources. I did find a blog that a girl started, intending to share what she is studying. As I have started to study, I decided to start a similar blog of my own to share the things that I have been studying as well.

A little bit about me: I graduated about a month ago from Michigan State University's Advanced Standing MSW program. Since then, I have moved to Philadelphia, PA, where I plan to pursue licensure and a social work job, preferably in the field of domestic violence. I will probably take the exam toward the end of July.

I look forward to using this blog as motivation to study and share what I learn.


  1. Please tell more about how to go about asking questions for assessment using the biopsychosocial spiritual model. Thank you, Ann

  2. Thanks for you input, very interesting. Look forward to reading more.

    Social Work Student-UMBC