Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kohlberg - Theory of Moral Development

Theory of Moral Development - Kohlberg

Preconventional: Elementary School Age
-Stage One: Child obeys an authority figure out of fear of punishment. Obedience/punishment.
-Stage Two: Child acts acceptably as it is in his best interests. Conforms to rules to receive rewards.

Conventional: Early Adolescence
-Stage Three: Person acts to gain approval from others. "Good Boy/Good Girl" orientation.
-Stage Four: Obeys laws and fulfills obligations and duties to maintain social system. Rules are rules. Avoid censure and guilt.

Post-Conventional: Adult (this level is not reached by most adults)
-Stage Five: Genuine interest in welfare of others; concerned with individual rights and being morally right.
-Stage Six: Guided by individual principles; based on broad universal, ethical principles. Concern for larger universal principles of morality.

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