Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mahler - Object Relations

Attachment Phase
Normal Autism: 0-3 months; alert inactivity
Normal Symbiosis: 2-6 months; No differentiation between self and others; mutual cueing

Differentiation: 6-12 months; Alert when awake; stranger anxiety (8 months)
Practicing: 7-18 months; Disengagement from mother with creeping; frequent return for refueling. Height of narcissism; runs away from mother, anticipating she will re-engage.

Rapproachment: 18-24 months; Disengagement alternating with intense demands for attention; splitting of objects (good/bad); can leave mother rather than be left; language development; individual means to solve dilemmas.

Object Constancy
Consolidation of individuality & Object Constancy: 24-38 months; Can substitute reliable internal image during absence; inception of unified self-image.

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